Sandra Dowling

Personal Travel Consultant


For a relatively pint-sized tropical island hidden away in the southern

Indian Ocean, Mauritius packs a whole lot in. Travellers first come here

for the picture-postcard coastline, but scratch below the surface and

you’ll discover what draws visitors back time and again. Mauritius

holidays can be lazy days on the beach, but they can also be marine

adventures and island explorations.

The island’s diverse yet relatively short history has created a remarkably

varied culture; quite something for a country that is just a bit smaller

than the county of Devon. The descendants of European, African,

Indian and Chinese immigrants make up the majority of the population

and each group has made their mark on the island. Where else can you

can take Creole language courses, visit beautiful Hindu temples and

grand sugar plantation houses, and dine on cuisine inspired by a

melting pot of culinary traditions?